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Carehaven is a shelter that offers sanctuary and short term housing to women who are victims of domestic abuse and their children. Located in Athlone, Carehaven accommodates up to 60 people. Although a strong Christian emphasis is maintained, we embrace women of all races and creeds. No one is ever turned away due to the lack of money.

Vision and mission

Our Vision

To help create a society where woman and children can live with full dignity, a sense of worth, being self-reliant and free from fear and abuse.

The Salvation Army Mission statement

The Salvation Army, an international movement, is an evangelical part of the universal Christian Church.  Its message is based on the Bible.
Its ministry is motivated by love of God.
Its mission is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.

Carehaven’s Mission statement

The mission of Carehaven is to provide residential shelter and refuge to abused woman and their children, the opportunity for them to find healing and to learn skills that will empower them to cope as self-reliant

Intake criteria

We accommodate ladies and their children who are traumatized and vulnerable because they are experiencing current domestic violence or any other form of abuse and are in need of a safe place where they can be protected and counseled.

  • Pregnant women are also accepted on condition that they are experiencing current domestic abuse.
  • The primary problem has to be abuse not destitution! We do not take in destitute women unless they are experiencing current domestic abuse.
  • The primary problem has to be abuse not substance abuse. On arrival all clients will be tested and if found to be positive they will be given an opportunity to deal with their addiction, either through a rehab programme or counseling under the guidance of the social worker. If a client tests positive at a second occasion this will lead to immediate eviction.
  • We recommend that a referral letter comes with each lady especially if they are referred by another NGO, social worker, clinic or hospital.
  • Medical – We will only consider ladies who are medically fit enough to take care of themselves and their children, are able to do duties and can look for work. Disabled ladies will be accepted if on a disability grant and able to look after themselves. We are neither a hospice nor a convalescent home. We cannot accommodate ladies who have serious psychiatric problems.

Other Shelters – generally speaking we do not take clients who have completed a domestic abuse therapy program in another shelter.

Age Group

  1. Boys from age 0 to 9 years old
  2. Girls from age 0 to 17 years old on condition that they come with their mothers
  3. Adult age group from 18 to 60 years old

Asylum seekers or refugees – must have valid current legal documents as proof that they are legally in South Africa. We do not take responsibility to get them back to their country and they need to have a fair command of the English language as all the therapy is in English.

Success story

20 years old Thato had run away from home several times, trying to escape beatings by her mother and brother. But she always went back and the abuse resumed. 'She would beat me with everything she could get her hands on. I felt like an object, I didn’t feel like a girl.' Carehaven came to her rescue, 'I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for here,' she says. Thato found the group counselling and staff support made am impact on her life. 'I’ve got confidence now. I’m looking forward to every day'. Carehaven gave Thato a new home and helped her fi nd a full time job. She hopes soon to be reunited with her ten months old son.

Contact details

PO box 38186 Gatesville 7766
Tel. +27 021 638 5511