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Sisters Incorporated is a private welfare organisation, founded in 1959 and based in Kenilworth. It was originally established as a refuge for single pregnant women at a time when tremendous stigma was attached to being unmarried and pregnant. The property was bought by four doctor’s wives.

Following the legalization of abortion, the number of unmarried mothers in need of care decreased considerably, but at the same time, the extent of domestic violence within SA was becoming increasingly apparent. Responding to the changing needs within society, we amended our constitution, built an annex in the grounds of the home and are now also able to offer care to growing numbers of abused residents and their children of all races and religions.

Vision and mission

Our Vision

To assist all the women and children in such a way that when they leave they are well equipped for their role in society.
To be a lighthouse in the community, making others aware of our presence and the positive changes we are making regarding domestic violence. 

Our Mission

We at Sisters Incorporated aim to help every women and child who comes to us in crisis to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. We offer help and hope regardless of race or religion, offering a "hand -up" as a form of empowerment and not a "hand-out".. because we care.

Intake criteria

  • Abusive relationship / domestic violence
  • Rape Victims
  • Pregnant and considering placing baby for adoption
  • Over 18 years old victims only
  • No babies under 1 year
  • No boys older than 10 years old
  • No persons with severe mental illness
  • No substance / alcohol abuse allowed at shelter ( we do not have  programmes to treat)  

Success story

Sarah (not her real name) came to us after experiencing abuse and rejection by her partner. She was unemployed, had lost self –confidence and was isolated.
She has since found employment, linked up again with family members and is saving money to pay for accommodation when she leaves us. She looks happy, relaxed and is more self–confident than when she came to us. She is one example and her progress encourages us to continue helping women in need.   

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