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Atlantis is a community that has a high rate of domestic violence stemming from a multitude of social issues. About twenty years ago the need for a place of safety was recognised and the union NUMSA was approached. They in turn sponsored the house which is now the shelter for abused women and children. Over the past few years the shelter has made major strides as they are now registered and subsidised by the Department of Social Development.


To provide a shelter for abused women and their children.
To provide counselling and support for the victims of abuse.
To assist women to re-enter society by means of capacity building, personal development and economical empowerment programmes.
To increase community awareness and involvement in issues relating to domestic violence.

Vision and mission

Our Vision

Survivors of abuse enjoy human dignity, safety, and security in a peaceful environment.


Our aim is to assist women and children against all forms of abuse. We strive to empower victims of abuse to walk tall in a community with a capacity to address violence in all its forms.
To build the family unit and social fabric of our community and country.

Intake criteria

The shelter caters for abused women and children. We can only accommodate boys up to the age of ten. The shelter cannot assist destitute clients as we are part of the Victim Empowerment  Programme.

Success story

The shelter has a client who attended the full programme at the United Sanctuary Against Abuse for the 3 month period , completed all the therapeutic sessions and has become  as an independent and self-reliant women who can face life again. Hilda has become very strong as a women and is now back with her children and in her own house , working and she has managed to use her legal rights to get rid of the man who use to  abuse her and got him sentenced for emotional, physical and financial abuse.

Contact details

021 572 8662